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GSM based home automation and security control using Embedded microcontroller- Electronics Projects


The rapidly advancing mobile communication technology and the decrease in costs make it possible to incorporate mobile technology into home automation systems. So as a part of our electronics projects We propose a mobile-based home automation system that consists of a cellular GSM modem, and a home server. The home appliances are controlled by the home server,which operates according to the user commands received from the mobile phone via the cellular modem. In our proposed system the home server is built upon an SMS/GPRS (Short Message Service/General Packet Radio Service) GSM modem and a microcontroller, allowing a user to control and monitor any variables related to the home by using any GSM compatible cell phone. This electronics engineering projects presents the design and implementation of AT modem driver, text based command processing software, and power failure resilient output for a microcontroller to facilitate in sending and receiving data via the cell module, together with the design of application software to enable the cell phone to send commands and receive alerts through the cell module.


The aim is to investigate a cost effective solution which will provide controlling of home appliances  and will  enable home security against intrusion in the absence of home owner.

Home security has been a major issue where crime is increasing and everybody wants to take proper measures to prevent intrusion.

The home appliances control system with an affordable cost was thought to be built that should be mobile providing remote access to the appliances and allowing home security.

Paper proposes a system that allows user to be control home appliances ubiquitously and also provide security on detection of intrusion via CALL and SMS using GSM technology.

Electronics Project Specifications

PC Interface                    : RS232

Embedded Processor   : AT89C52

Embedded Firmware   : Embedded  ‘C’ –  Keil IDE.

Interface Module          : GSM Module

PCB                                 : Trax Maker

Application Software   : Visual Studio

Electronics Project Learning Outcome

  • Embedded System Basics
  • Micro-controller programming
  • Firmware Development
  • Hardware Design and Trouble Shooting
  • Application Software Design
  • PCB Fabrication
electronic projects
home security system-block diagram














electronics engineering projects
electronics projects
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