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IEEE DSP Electronics Projects

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IEEE Electronics Projects  РMedical,Transmission & Biometrics Applications

97. Micro-calcification Cluster detected methods in Digitized Mammograms
98. Removal of Segmented Image Boundary Errors using N-ary Morphological Operator
99. Novel Wavelet Medical Image Fusion
100. Automatic Detection of Accretion of Glaucoma in Eye
101. Design an Algorithm for SAR Image Embedded Compression
102. Development of Medical Image Compression using Embedded Encoder
103. Face Recognition based on Wavelet Energy
104. Local Features for Enhancement and Minutiae Extraction in Fingerprints

IEEE Electronics Projects General Applications IEEE 2013 | 2012 | 2010 | 2009 | 2008 | 2007

105. Fuzzy based Clustering in Multiple Applications of Segmentation
106. Lane Detection System Using Hough Transform in Autonomous Guided Vehicles Application
107. Motion Compensated Video Denoising in Video Codec using Spatio-Temporal Filter
108. Optical Character Recognition from Complex Video Scene
109. Determination Optimal Number of Cluster in Segmentation Process
110. Segmentation by Fusion of Histogram in Nature Image Segment Application
111. Drowsy Driver System for Monitoring Driver Vigilance
112. Landmine Detection from IR Images using KL Transform
113. Voice Verification using Novel Algorithm
114. Improved Image Enhancement for License Plate Detection
115. Automatic Road sign Recognition using Neural Network

IEEE Electronics Projects Transmission, Medical Applications & IEEE 2010 Hardware Topics,
Real Time Applications

116. Performance Analysis of Different Spatial Filters on DSP Processor BF532/TMS320C5505
117. Implementation of Arithmetic Mean Filter on DSP Processor BF532/TMS320C5505
118. Design an Embedded codec on DSP Processor BF532/TMS320C5505 for Zigbee based Wireless Image Transmission
119. Design an Automated Video Surveillance System with MMS on DSP Video Processor BF532 in Real Time
120. Implement an Algorithm to Remove High Density Salt & Pepper Noise in Remote Sensing Application using DSP Processor BF532/TMS320C5505
121. Retinex Technology on DSP Processor BF532/TMS320C5505 for Remote Sensing Applications
122. Design of different Transformation in DSP Processor BF532/TMS320C5505 for WAN
123. Secret Data Communication through DSP Processor BF532/TMS320C5505 for Defense Application
124. Image Fusion Technology on DSP Processor BF532/TMS320C5505 for Medical Applications
125. Fast Image Transmission in Remote Sensing Applications using DSP Processor BF532/TMS320C5505
126. Image Fusion Technology on DSP Processor BF532/TMS320C5505 for Remote Sensing Applications
127. Implementing Watermarking Technology on DSP Processor BF532/TMS320C5505
128. Design a Lossless Image Compression Codec on DSP Processor BF532/TMS320C5505
129. Automatic Time Keeper for Browsing System Facility using DSP Processor BF532/TMS320C5505
130 Enhancement of Dark Images on BF532/TMS320C5505 in Remote Sensing Applications
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