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The short message system (SMS) of a standard mobile phone can be used for much more than just exchanging cryptic message. This application finds a humble mobile working for controlling external equipments. The SMS service provides by the service providers are comparatively low cost. Hence the system is highly efficient and low-cost.

Mobile phones have become a widespread means of communication. It becomes a part of everyday life with ever more people enjoying the service and extra freedom they provide. It works on the basis of Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM). A subscriber from any systems can access telecommunication services by using a Subscriber Identify Module (SIM) card in a handset suitable for the network on the visited system The Short Message Service allows text messages to be sent and received to and from mobile telephones.

The text can comprise words or numbers or an alphanumeric combination. Because Simple person – to – person messaging is such an important component of total SMS traffic volumes, anything that simplifies message generation as well as extended utility of the SMS being sent is an important enabler of Short Message Service.

We will connect hardware kit i.e. GSM modem and microcontroller to the energy meter. The main aim of this project is whenever u r recharging with some amount say example Rs.100/- by doing SMS to the MODEM, the bulb gets automatically ON until your recharge gets zero. After getting your balance zero your device gets automatically switched OFF and you will get a message from the MODEM that you have to recharge your mobile and the process takes place continuously.



Hardware Used

  • AT command supporting GSM mobile phone.
  • 89c51 Microcontroller
  • Max 232 IC.
  • DB9 Connector
  • GSM Phone

Software Used

   1.    Keil u-Vision

Keil Software is used provide you with software development tools for 8051 based microcontrollers. With the Keil tools, you can generate embedded applications for virtually every 8051 derivative. The supported microcontrollers are listed in the µ-vision.

2.    PRO51 Programmer Software

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