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0ABSTRACT This Electronics project describes the use of piezoelectric polymers in order to harvest energy from people walking and the fabrication of a shoe capable of generating and accumulating the energy. As low power and wearable electronic devices are more and more present in our everyday life, there is a growing need for the delivery […]

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0Robotics based IEEE Electronics Projects R O B O T I C S Projects- Mechatronics Projects 1 Automatic Voice Announcement Based Robot Fire Analysis System- robotics projects 2 Obstacle Detection and Avoidance Robot- robotics projects 3 A Modular Cost- Effective Mobile Robot Navigation System- robotics projects 4 Survive Human Detecting Robot for Industrial Essential Ares- […]

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Microcontroller-Based Multi-Function Solar Tracking System-Electronics Projects

0ABSTRACT Renewable energy solutions are becoming increasingly popular. Photovoltaic (solar) systems are but one example. Maximizing power output from a solar system is desirable to increase efficiency. In order to maximize power output from solar panels, one needs to keep the panels aligne with the sun. As such, a means of tracking the sun is […]

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Password Based Door Locking System

0AIM The main objective of this project is to implement an Pass word Based Door Locking System Using AT89c51 Microcontroller. ABSTRACT Security is a prime concern in our day-today life. Everyone wants to be as much secure as possible. An access control for doors forms a vital link in a security chain. The microcontroller based […]