Advanced VLSI Design Analog Electronics Digital Design Microcontroller Based Projects

Three Phase Induction Motor Safety Implementation with Auto Turn ON and Turn OFF facility

0Abstract The common problem with three-phase supply is, absence of any one of the phase. This leads to damage of induction motor or any three-phase load. This project is designed to monitor the presence of three phases and to display condition of each phase on LED. If any phase is absent, immediately this system shuts […]

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Solar Based Robot Control using Voice Recognition Technology

0Abstract The speech recognition system is a useful and easy to use programmable speech recognition circuit. Programmable, in the sense that user can train the words (or vocal utterances) he needs the circuit to recognize. This board allows the user to experiment with many facets of speech recognition technology. It has 8 bit data out […]

Analog Electronics Digital Design IC Applications Microcontroller Based Projects

Smoke / Fire Detector with Automatic Water Sprinkler System

0Abstract Security is primary concern everywhere and for every one. Every person wants his home, industry etc to be secured. This project describes a security alarm system that can monitor an industry and home. This is a simple and useful security system and easy to install. This fire / smoke detector is realized using readily […]