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Accelerometers can be used for measuring both dynamic and static measurements of acceleration.The objective of our project is to “design a PIC board which can sense which direction we are moving our hand  and then control a toy car with it”. This is implemented with the help of accelerometer. The design has a microcontroller which is the heart of the circuit, an accelerometer used as a tilt sensor, a driver IC and dc motors.


The movement represents different operations such as forward, reverse, left and right. By using this mechanism we move a toy car, by the tilt of accelerometers.

The printed circuit board of our toy car is loaded with several units such as microcontroller, TILT Sensor, driver circuit and motors. Microcontroller is the heart of the circuit. The microcontroller used is PIC 16F877a. It is a flash type reprogrammable memory. It also provides sufficient power to inbuilt peripheral devices .The system used here is embedded systems.

Toy car-demo

 The application of this system makes user friendly cheaper solutions and enables to add features otherwise impossible to provide other means. The software used for the embedded system is called firmware. The language used is pic c.

Our project uses an accelerometer to control movements of a toy car based on the acceleration given, which depends on gravity.


Our project has typical applications like data collection in remote areas,used as toy,reduces man power,is automated and can be used for spy works.


We have designed a toy car which can be controlled using an accelerometer.Tilt given to the accelerometer controls the movement of the car. Tilt sensors have a secure place in the movement of equipment based on actions done. The system can be made free from challenges and will be cost effective in the near future.

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